Having custom portraits made should be an experience. It shouldn't be anything like making a trip to the department store portrait studio where everyone is cranky and the photographer tells you tosmile and say “Cheese!” After which you end up with 37 miniprints large enough for a locket that you have no clue what to do with.


Instead everything should be tailored to you from start to finish. There are quite a few 'extras' that go into creating the entire experience and ultimately the best portraits for you.


Each portrait sitting consists of the initial contact, booking, contract and retainer being placed, a consultation interview, portrait session, in person showing of your portraits as well as installation of any artwork in your home or office.

Before Your Portrait Session

After receiving the retainer and contract a consultation appointment will be scheduled. I try to do these about a week in advance of the actual session. This is the time that you and I will sit down and discuss things like your personality, likes and dislikes, where you will be hanging your portraits; what sizes you need for gifts and for display; the décor in your home or office and how to make yourportraits stand out as artwork with your décor. We will truly custom design every aspect of your portraits from the actual photography session to the final product installation.


The entire goal of the consultation is to help me to create portraits that suit you in a way you've never imagined possible. I want to show the real YOU in every way and I find that by learning more about you I can go so far beyond just a picture. If you have any concerns or ideas just ask!


The day before your portrait session you will receive a reminder call to make sure that there are no conflicts that have popped up. Emergencies happen! 

If an emergency comes up and you need to reschedule, please call me as soon as possible. I prefer at least the day before a session for notification. I will gladly reschedule a session once with no charge to you provided I am given a fair and reasonable notice.

On the day of your photography session please be prompt. I PROMISE that I don't work like the doctor's office where you are asked to arrive 15 minutes early and then wait to get into the room where you wait for another hour to see the doctor! Don't you hate that? 

If you are more than 15 minutes late, the session can proceed. However, be aware that the session time will be cut short by that amount of time and we may not be able to get what you are hoping for from your portrait session. I want you to receive everything I can give you and more! If you are 30 minutes late, the session will be cancelled and a new session and retainer will need to be scheduled.


At Your Portrait Session

The day of your portrait session, I will need a few things from you to make things work in the way we have designed. 

At the consultation, we will have discussed wardrobe, makeup and hair. Please remember to be aware of those suggestions when preparing. Just in case you've forgotten, I have included some basic reminders. 

Please be on time or even a few minutes early. I've scheduled a slot of time for you and I want to be sure you receive every minute that we need to create your portraits. I promise you that I DO NOT work like the doctor's office where you'll come in for an appointment at 1pm and are still waiting at 3pm. Doesn't that drive you nuts???

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late chances are we are not going to have the time we need to create what we envisioned and will need to reschedule. Because I have a very limited number of session slots, there will be an additional fee if you arrive late and rescheduling becomes necessary.


Be sure everyone is well rested, fed and comfortable. At your consultation, we discussed times that are appropriate for you and your family to get the best possible moods, faces and cooperation. I can work a lot with a little, but I can't promise anything if I am working with children who are cranky, tired, hungry or out of control. Not to mention that I don't want you to be stressed by the portrait session in any way! 

Your children's safety is one of my biggest concerns and I am terrified of a light coming down on a child and injuring them. I've taken every precaution I possibly can to prevent this and ask that you help me as much as is possible.

On the flip side of that, I will do everything I possibly can to make everyone relaxed and comfortable-even reluctant children and husbands! I want this to be an amazing experience for you! I will definitely do everything within my power to make it happen!


Be sure faces are clean and noses are wiped. I know! It sounds silly for me to say this! You would be amazed how many times I've seen the opposite. It's just not pretty in portraits!


After Your Portrait Session


Approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your session your final images will be ready for your viewing appointment. I may give you a sneak peak, but that's it! I want you to be WOWED by everything when you see it. Suspense is delicious! 

A viewing appointment usually scheduled as a 1hour to allow us to select your final images and ordering. Proof images are developed and lightly retouched or edited. Final selection will determine which of those images get full retouching for print.

After the order is placed, your portraits will arrive in approximately 2 weeks for most products. Albums, canvas, acrylics can take a slight bit longer. We will schedule a time to have the art pieces installed and for you to receive your gift prints as soon as I receive the entire order.


If you have any questions at any point, you can always call or send me an email.