What is included in a sitting fee?

A sitting fee includes photographer's time, talent, a consultation, one hour custom session, reveal appointment, and a proof book.

What types of sitting fees are there?

There is 2 types of sitting fees. General sitting fee which is great for families, children and couples. Editing for this sitting fee is basic and bright.

Creative sitting fee is for more creative sessions that will involve additional editing to create the image or story that you want. Sessions can be for children, couples and even for families. 

Is the sitting fee non-refundable?

Yes. All sitting fees are non-refundable and are required to hold the date and time of your session.

What is a consultation?

A consultation is when we will discuss your session in person, on the phone or by email. We will plan and discuss your session at this time.

What is a Reveal Appointment?

A reveal appointment is when you will be able to view your pictures for the first time. This may be done in the comfort of your home or is a public meeting place determined my the photographer. You will be able to view samples and receive your proof book. Reveal appointments will take place with-in 3 weeks of your session. This is also when you will place your print and product order. All print and product orders are due in full the day of the reveal appointment. 

How do I book?

All you have to do to book a session is contact me and we will get started on planning your custom session. You can also book your session at www.ashleymccoyphotography.com/book-your-session and I will contact you.

When should I book a session?

Anytime is a great time to book your session. To insure your preferred date and time it would be best to book your session as early as possible.

Why should I book a session with you?

You should book a session with me because I take the time to customize your session. I listen to what you want and I make it happen to the best of my ability. I am passionate about making your session the best experience you have ever had. I take care in to every session I do as if it was my own families session. I believe you are not just taking family pictures, you are capturing memories that you will be able to pass on for generations to come. I want the best quality for my clients from the start to the finish. All products that I offer are of the best professional quality.